For this project I explored the history of my family, which allowed me to discover my family's past. By exploring the lives of my two oldest relatives I was able to gain a sense of the family history and discover more about them.

By collecting materials from my oldest relatives, I was able to produce a printed publication. The publication includes a collection of photographs from the past and present times, along with other materials such as handwriting letters, newspaper clippings, awards and  interviews with each relative. With this information I was able to expand and develop my project into a designed personal monogram for each of them. The use of this information  enabled me to create monograms catered to each of their personalities. 



The outcome of these two monograms was created by using personal information which informed the use of typography to convey history, identity and preserve a legacy. The choice of letter forms, style and composition are informed by the ‘personality’ of my individual grandparents and these traits have be incorporated in the design for the monogram to work.