Unstitch - The Story of Denim

The publication unpicks the history of how denim has developed over the past 100+ years. This includes looking into all the different eras and styles denim has been used for. It also covers how denim is made and the unsustainable effects that it has on our planet. I wanted to reflect the history and present day of denim within this book design whilst still having a contemporary feel to it.

The publication has a very visual approach within the design. I have used lots of different imagery to reflect the content, to demonstrate how the fabric of denim has been developed throughout time. I have used several elements including, the use of denim fabric for the cover, shearing scissors to cut the edges, brown book binding thread and laser engraved chapter headings to give the book a dynamic feel of denim. 


I chose to use these key elements to represent important aspects of denim. The denim cover adds texture to the book, as well as being a huge statement feature. The shearing scissor are used to cut material to stop it fraying. By using shear scissor on some of the paper stock within the book it gives it the ability to relate to denim. The brown thread that binds the book together represents the sewing thread which is commonly used to join denim pieces. Using these hand-crafted methods in the book makes it feel more exclusive. The combination of craft and digital software allows it to have a professional clean cut design with an authentic feel.

The information is gathered from books, news articles, online research and from personal resources. Denim has existed over lifetimes and within that adapted to different aspects. Denim in itself will continue to develop in future times. 

The publication was shortlisted for the student book category at the British Book Design and Production awards.